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music theme seat belt wrap
Lookin' good, girl! Music theme seat belt wrap.
seat belt cover
Thank you, Granny!

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Easy ordering, quick arrival.  Love the strap wraps!  Comfy and soft.  Great quality.   Like it that you donate part of the proceeds;  and very happy you support the same charities that I do (vets).  - mb, Fairview,TX
The seat belt cover was a great gift I received from Amy. I gave it to my daughter and it reminds her to put her seat belt on while driving. Thank you! -Annette L., Sacramento, CA
Hi, Carolyn. I got one of your leopard fleece seat belt wraps at the Bandon Old Town Marketplace. I wrapped it around the strap on my arm sling and it really helped ease the tension where the strap was digging into my neck. After I get my cast off, I'll put the leopard wrap on my seat belt! Just wanted to let you know there are additional uses for your fabulous seat belt wraps.
- Jenny T., Newport, OR
Hello Carolyn! Every time I buckle up, I think of you and your father, a true American patriot. The seat belt wrap quality is superior and my order was processed expertly. Thank you again! -Richard B., Sarasota, FL
My mom gave me a real cute purple seat belt wrap with a princess crown on the front for my birthday. She knows me so well!  -Linsey M., Reedsport, OR
My mother is only 5'1" and she is always griping about the seat belt in her car irritating her neck.  I saw these seat belt wraps, and knew this was THE solution.  She is thrilled!" -James D., Wilmington, NC

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